What we do with feedback

We receive feedback about our service on a daily basis; some informally directly to us as counsellors and administrators, some through the online evaluation form we routinely send out at the end of an experience of counselling and some through feedback processes within workshops and groups.

We take every piece of feedback seriously and where we can we ensure that the relevant feedback is given to any individual involved. This allows us to reflect on our work and find ways to improve what we do.

Each year we write an Annual Report about the service where statistics are analysed to give an overview of student satisfaction and of any key areas of service performance.

For the first time in 2010-11 we have created a set of Key Performance Indicators to provide benchmarks against which we and others can judge the service.

I have left the counselling feeling a lot happier than I was before, thank you!

  1. Clients will be contacted back within 2 working days of first contact
  2. Clients will be offered a first appointment within 10 working days of approaching the service.
  3. Sessions cancelled by the service will be less than 5%
  4. DNA in the service will be kept to 10%
  5. Sessions cancelled by client will be kept to 10%
  6. If further therapeutic intervention is appropriate it will be offered within a month.
  7. Evaluations will be requested from all clients.
  8. Evaluations received will indicate overall satisfaction with the service in 90% of cases.
  9. The number of clients waiting for an assessment will be below 30.
  10. The number of clients waiting for ongoing work will be below 30.

In the 2010-11 Annual Report we will be able to show how far we have met these targets and your feedback will play a key part in evaluating KPI 8.

At the heart of our service is a belief in the importance of clinical excellence: the feedback we receive about our services suggests we achieve this many times, and we are always striving to improve what we offer.

Throughout this website you can see examples of the feedback we have recently received.