Our workshop programme is designed to give students an opportunity to get together to further their own and others' understanding of specific topics.

Workshops are single events on specific topics. They usually last between one and two hours, or run as a one-day course. Different workshops are offered each term.

Through small group discussions and individual and group exercises you will have the opportunity to share experiences, as well as to learn and practise new skills.

Can I attend a workshop?

  • Any student who is registered at the University is eligible to attend a workshop.
  • You can attend any of these workshops alongside any other support you are accessing in the service.
  • You can attend as many workshops as you like, provided there is space.
  • If you are a Bristol resident, you can also access NHS Bristol Wellbeing Therapies courses.

Workshop programme

  • We do not have any workshops taking place over the summer break 2018. Workshops for the 2018/2019 academic year will be live on this page by welcome week. 

What to do if a workshop is full

  • If a workshop is full, we will not be able to let you into the session, but we may invite you to attend another one later in the year.
  • Some handouts and presentations are available online - you can come to one of our Talk and Plan sessions to work through these with a counsellor if you like.
  • Use our resource library in Counselling Services main reception.
  • Contact us if you need further support.

Tell us what you think

We are always keen to receive feedback so that we can improve the Student Counselling Service.

There were many different ways to deal with many problems, something to suit everyone. People were friendly and lovely.

Workshop attendee
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