Talk and Plan sessions

At a Talk and Plan (TAP) session you can talk to a counsellor and develop a self-help plan. We want to find practical solutions to issues you're having.

Who can apply for a TAP session?

TAP sessions are available to all students registered at the University of Bristol.  This includes students who are suspended and temporarily withdrawn from studies.

TAP sessions are different to one-to-one counselling and are not usually available to students who are currently having one-to-one counselling.

What happens in the session?

The session lasts 20 minutes and can be a face-to-face or by telephone. The solutions are designed to be flexible and action focused.

We can create an individualised programme of support, which might consist of:

How to book

  1. Complete our registration form and request a Talk and Plan session. 
  2. We will send you some forms to complete to help guide discussions with your counsellor.
  3. Complete and submit your forms 
  4. Wait five working days. Then you must call us on +44 (0)117 954 6655 to book a TAP session at a time that is convenient to you.

Things you can do to prepare for a session

  • Ask yourself some questions:
    • where are you stuck?
    • what do you think you need?
    • what do you want to get out of the session?
    • what  change could you make which would have the most positive effect on your wellbeing?
  • Look at our self-help resources
  • Visit our Swagota Basak Memorial Library which provides a range of self-help material including books, CDs and leaflets.

Follow-up TAP sessions

Follow-up TAP sessions provide you the opportunity to review your plan with your counsellor. You can arrange follow up TAP sessions with your counsellor or you can call us on +44 (0)117 954 6655 to book one at a time that is convenient to you.

We recommend that sessions are arranged about every three weeks or monthly to allow you to try out new things between sessions.

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