What is counselling?

A counsellor in actionCounselling is a talking and listening process that helps you to focus on, and understand, the concerns that are troubling you. It provides a space where you can feel comfortable and at ease while talking with an empathic listener, and where you have the opportunity to explore as much or as little of your concerns as you choose to bring. Counselling may be concerned with addressing and resolving specific problems, coping with crisis and change, developing personal insight and knowledge, improving relationships with others, making decisions and working through feelings of inner conflict.

Counselling support can be offered through supported self help, individual sessions or within a workshop or therapeutic group. You can access a one off session or opt for a series of sessions.  Find out about these services.

Your Counsellor will be non-judgmental and respect your values, choices and lifestyle. An environment will be created where you can be listened to carefully and offered support and understanding, in a non-critical way. This can help you to explore areas of your feelings, thinking and behaving where you may experience being stuck and help you to make appropriate choices, decisions, or changes.