Initial assessment session

Many people find it helpful to book an initial assessment session in the service. This is a 50 minute one-to-one appointment with a counsellor where you can both assess together what your needs are and identify what sort of support might be helpful.

Within an initial assessment you will be asked to sign the agreement.pdf (PDF, 79kB) and will have the chance to discuss any aspect of this. You will have the chance to read the Understanding the counselling agreement (PDF, 85kB) booklet in advance of the session.

We sometimes make use of psychological questionnaires or other tools to help provide a picture of your present psychological state and to get a clearer picture of what your needs are.

Some people find that this opportunity to look at the overall sense of what is needed is sufficient to help them access what they need themselves, to galvanise support networks and create a personal self help package. Others may find useful signposts to workshops, groups or self help material available in or beyond the service. Others may be referred for 1:1 sessions of counselling in or beyond the service.

If you want 1:1 Counselling in the service you will need to have an initial assessment session and further sessions will not necessarily be with the person you see for your initial assessment session.

Please register with us if you are interested in coming in for an assessment session.