Groups and Workshops Resources

Groups Resources 

(We recommend double-side print to reduce the waste of paper. If you want us to print out for you, please let us know we can provide double-side hardcopies. )

Improve your mood with art

Handout for 'Improve your mood with art' group (PDF, 95kB)

Art ideas for people on the waiting list to try (PDF, 113kB)

Further resources for 'Improve your mood with art' group (PDF, 188kB)

Overcoming obstacles to study

Further resources for 'Overcoming obstacles to study group' (PDF, 168kB)

Relaxation for health and wellbeing

Further resources for 'Relaxation for health and wellbeing' group (PDF, 267kB)

Understanding Ourselves and Connecting with Each Other

Further resources 'Understanding ourselves and connecting with each other group' (PDF, 187kB)

Self esteem support group

Further resources for 'Self esteem support' group (PDF, 268kB)

Mindfulness practice group

Further resources for 'Mindfulness practice group' (PDF, 190kB)

Mindfulness group

Further resources for 'Mindfulness group' (PDF, 190kB)

What is Mindfulness (PDF, 240kB)

The Approach Mode (PDF, 271kB)

Dealing with Barriers (PDF, 294kB)

Mindful Movement (PDF, 187kB)

Meditation: Sounds and Thoughts 

Mindful yoga for stress

The stress response (PDF, 437kB)

The stress response and mindful movement (PDF, 2,025kB)

Mindful movement (PDF, 1,619kB)

Workshops Resources

Find and develop your resilience

Handout for 'Find and develop your resilience' workshop (PDF, 472kB)

Building confidence and self esteem

Handout for 'Building confidence and self esteem' workshop (PDF, 767kB) 

Further resources for 'Building confidence and self esteem' workshop (PDF, 95kB)

Into the pressure cooker

Strategies for managing stress (PDF, 203kB)

On loving and losing: coping with bereavement

Handout for 'On loving and losing: coping with bereavement ' workshop (PDF, 765kB)

Contempory theories on loss and bereavement handout (PDF, 132kB)

Resources list (PDF, 221kB)

The science of sleep

The Science of Sleep Powerpoint (PDF, 1,205kB)

Depression and how to survive it

Depression workshop powerpoint (PDF, 256kB)