Managing academic problems/study strategy

Struggling with your studies?

Many students experience problems with studying at some point in their academic life. Sometimes difficulties in other areas of life can make it hard to focus on studying, and sometimes the studying itself can just feel too challenging. Whatever the reason for your present difficulties, there are a number of ways that the Student Counselling Service may be able to support you:

Overcoming obstacles to study group

Why are the counselling service offering groups on study strategy?

Because our feelings of worth and competence are affected by our progress in our studies. We offer you a chance to look at the emotional and psychological factors affecting learning, and to learn from each other.  

Looking at study strategy in a group with peers from across the University is proving a great way to share experiences and to combat the isolation of believing that everyone else has study under control! So many valuable ideas arise from this. Find out more about this group.

How is study strategy different from study skills?

Study skills look at the requirements for academic writing, the structures, methods of research and presentation.

Study Strategy explores the way you approach your studies, whether you procrastinate, what kind of strategy you have, for example, how to make the most of a last-minute strategy. 

We look at how to make the task of reading less daunting. And how to ask for help in the most effective way. We look at study blocks and explore ways to make work more doable for you so that the block vanishes. 


Here you will find some useful handouts on topics relevant to study strategy. Most of them are very short and give you the bottom line on change. 

These include:


Newsletter 1, December 2014 (Office document, 230kB)


As well as our study strategy group we also run a number of workshops on particular themes throughout the year. Several are especially relevant for students experiencing study problems, these include: perfectionism, exam stress, overcoming presentation anxiety and procrastination. You may wish to take a look at our upcoming workshops.

Extenuating circumstances

Find out what to do if you need support for your application for extenuating circumstances.

Websites and other resources

The University of Bristol Study Skills provide study skills sessions and drop-in's. Free skills training workshops are also run by a number of departments across the University.

The Physiological Society have a short youtube video about managing exam stress.

Lumosity is a website with programmes to help improve memory and retention of information.

Just Ask produce some information for students including an exam survival guide and information on extenuating circumstances.

The Bristol Doctral College publish a fortnightly newsletter for postgradate research students about all aspects of student life, research and wellbeing.

Galway University have produced short videos about managing procrastination and perfectionism.

This BBC article talks about procrastination.