Self injury

Digital resources

  • Self injury support is a Bristol charity, offering support and information to women who self-injure.
  • Self-harm UK is a website dedicated to self-harm recovery.
  • Lifesigns have a wealth of information about strategies for managing self-harm.


The Calm Harm app is designed to help you manage urges to self-harm.


Podcasts/audio downloads

Online courses

The Centre for Clinical Interventions provide downloadable workbooks on building self compassion.

Blogs and vlogs

Time To Change have a number of blogs and stories about self-harm.



  • Gratz K. L. & Chapman, A. (2009) 'Freedom from Self Harm: Overcoming Self Injury with skills from DBT and other Treatments'.
  • Baker, C., Shaw C., Biley F. (2013). 'Our Encounters with Self-Harm'. PCCS Books.
  • Middleton, K and Garvie, S. ( 2011) 'Self Harm: The Path To Recovery'. Lion Books.

Support groups (face-to-face and online)


  • CASS self-injury helpline. Tel: 0808 800 8088 (free), Tuesday to Thursday evenings 7 pm to 9.30 pm.
  • Bristol Mindline for anyone in emotional distress. Tel: 0808 808 0330.
  • Nightline: call this dedicated phoneline for advice and a listening ear during the night. Students run this service. Tel: +44 (0)117 926 6266. Open 8pm to 8am , Monday to Friday, term time.

Professional support

We run several groups and provide one to one counselling which may be beneficial for people who are harming themselves.

You may wish to consider visiting your doctor to talk about self-injury. Together you can explore possible underlying causes and whether medication may be appropriate.

If you need medical assistance after harming yourself then please take a look at where to get help on our emergency contact page.

Other support and services

There are a number of other counselling services in Bristol who can help you. They are free or low cost.

Our Health and Wellbeing pages offer support and advice on all aspects of life as a student. 

Big White Wall

Big White Wall helps you to get support, take control and feel better when you are anxious, low or not coping.

The online service is free, available 24/7 and completely anonymous.

  • Chat to other members who may be experiencing the same things as you
  • Access a range of tools to help you self-manage
  • Set goals and track progress
  • Access articles, videos and online courses.

Use Big White Wall

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