Requesting Counselling

We will identify what we believe to be the most suitable and available support. This could be counselling with us,  joining a therapeutic group,  support from another service at the University or external specialist support services. Our service is not suitable for everyone who contacts us but we will consider your details carefully to provide you with a recommendation for support.


  1. Read our Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy for details of how we process your information and limitations to confidentiality
  2. Register with us using the Register for support now button. To avoid any technical errors, please avoid using the back arrow and complete the form in one go. Please contact us if there are any difficulties completing this form  
  3. We will email you with a link to our “Personal Circumstances” form within two working days
  4. You complete the “Personal Circumstances” form and submit it within a week
  5. Based on your information we will send you an email with recommendations for support, within ten workings days. This could include:

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