One-to-one counselling

Currently there is a waiting list for our one-to-one counselling service. If you need support now find out what other services are available to support you

Counselling is a confidential talking and listening process that helps you explore your problems and feelings in a safe space. If you have problems or concerns you want to talk about, our one-to-one counselling sessions may help you.

Our counsellors are non-judgmental and respect your values, choices and lifestyle. They will listen to you carefully and offer support and understanding, in a non-critical way.

Who can apply for one-to-one counselling?

One-to-one counselling may not be the most appropriate support for you. We have other services which may suit you better.

If you have suspended your studies you cannot apply for one-to-one counselling but we may be able to offer you alternative support. Contact us to find out what support is available to you.

How to apply

  • You need to register your interest. We will send you a link to some additional questions within two working days. 
  • A counsellor will read the information you have provided and recommend the most appropriate support for you. You will receive an email with a recommendation for support within ten workings days.

If one-to-one counselling is appropriate, we will invite you to an initial assessment session.

Initial assessment session

This is a 50-minute session with an experienced counsellor. We will discuss your problems and make a support plan.

After this session we may recommend one-to-one counselling or other forms of support.

If we recommend one-to-one counselling, the waiting list is usually around four to six weeks. We may recommend additional support while you wait.

What do we offer?

If we recommend one-to-one counselling this will typically be: 

Offering these courses depends on the resources we have available.

If you are based at Langford

Sessions are available on Mondays or by telephone. If you are offered a telephone session you may be able to use the counselling room on the Langford Campus if you do not have a suitable private space of your own.


If you have restricted mobility, please contact us and we will arrange a suitable space to meet you. Our toilets are gender neutral.

Counselling in German and Spanish

We can provide counselling in German and Spanish if needed. Please let us know this when you register with us.

It is a safe place to vent feelings and do something positive about a bad period you may be going through that you wish to change.

Counselling attendee
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