Our programmes and projects

‌Programmes and projects at University of Bristol are run using the MSP and PRINCE2 programme and project management methodologies. Strategic Programmes and Projects have developed a number of document templates to support the methodology used.


The Ways of Working Portfolio Board (WoWPB) is the group that monitors the achievement of strategic objectives and delivery of benefits, prioritises projects, approves business cases and manages risks to ensure strategic alignment with the University vision.

Business Cases are reviewed prior to submission to the WoWPB to assess the resource implications and prioritise any new projects or changes to projects against the existing portfolio. This is achieved through monthly resource management meetings and the Portfolio Management Group which makes recommendations to WoWPB.

The links below show the governance process for cases that come to WoWPB. There is also a link to a diagram that gives a high level overview of the Stage 1 Business Case process: