Programme methodology

‌‌‌‌‌‌Programmes at University of Bristol are run using the Managing Succesful Programmes (MSP) methodology.

The following templates support the methodology used:

Programme Deliverables Timeline Programme Deliverables Timeline (Office document, 80kB) Diagram showing the main programme phases / deliverables.
Identify Programme
Programme Mandate Programme Mandate (Office document, 48kB)  Used to describe the required outcomes from the programme, based on strategic or policy objectives.
Programme Workbook Programme Workbook (Office document, 175kB) Used to control and track the progress of the programme and resulting outcome. Includes a risks and issues register.
Define Programme
Business Case Programme Business Case (Office document, 57kB) Business case to be used prior to starting a programme or phase of programme to put forward the case for funding.
Terms of Reference Programme Board Terms of Reference (Office document, 41kB) Terms of Reference (ToR) for a Programme Board or Sponsor Group.
Benefits Map/Profile Benefits Register (Office document, 547kB) Used to define each benefit and provide a detailed understanding of what will be involved and how the benefit will be realised.
Change Control Policy Programme Change Control Policy (Office document, 51kB) Defines the process the programme will undertake to capture, review and agree outcome of changes.
Change Register Programme Change Register (Office document, 29kB) Register of changes that have been raised.
Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (Office document, 60kB)

Stakeholder Map (Office document, 15kB)

Impact Matrix (Office document, 98kB)

Used to define the framework that will enable effective stakeholder engagement and communication.
Programme Manager Highlight Report Programme Managers Highlight Report (Office document, 142kB) To provide an update on the programme to the relevant Portfolio Board, Programme Board, Sponsor Group or other interested parties.
Programme Closure
Coming in due course