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Staff Review and Development is an essential part of the University's commitment to developing staff and to delivering a high quality service in Schools, Faculties and Divisions.

Preparing for the review period:

1. Ensure you have attended the mandatory training for reviewers before the review season starts. The training focuses on the key skills of giving feedback, setting useful objectives and using a coaching approach to the process.

For academic staff, the module is called 'Staff Review & Development'. For Professional Services staff, the module is called 'Line Managing @UoB: Staff review & development conversations'. If not, please book onto the training ASAP. 

2. Attend the briefing given by your senior manager to hear about strategic or departmental objectives that should be cascaded, or any other updates relevant to the staff review process. 

3. Schedule review meetings with your team, preferably after you have had yours unless your departmental Head has proposed an alternative approach. You should ideally be conducting no more than 8 reviews. 

Before each review meeting:

  • Check that your staff member has completed the Essential Training in MyReview
  • Read your staff member's draft self-assessment form in MyReview and prepare your thoughts on their reflections and objectives. This will help you form an agenda for discussion at the meeting. 
  • Make a note of any other specific points you wish to discuss with your staff member, including any cascaded departmental objectives or updates.
  • As well as discussing their work and performance, you should also use the opportunity to have a conversation about your employee's health and wellbeing and encourage them to open up about any related issues they may be facing. 

At the review meeting:


  • Make sure the conversation is led by the reviewee; this is their chance to reflect upon and discuss their development with you and how they may contribute to departmental or strategic objectives
  • Be open, honest and constructive in your conversation
  • Take an evidence-based approach to giving performance feedback, referring to any suitable benchmarks, pieces of work / project outcomes, peer observation reports, colleague feedback and other relevant sources 
  • Celebrate successes and achievements when reflecting on performance against the reviewee's previous year's objectives
  • Consider any objectives that haven't been achieved and discuss the potential barriers or reasons for this
  • Encourage your staff member to talk about their health and wellbeing and any related issues that may be affecting their performance or enjoyment of work, using open and supportive questions
  • Discuss the University's Professional Behaviours and the ratings that your staff member has given themselves in relation to them. You may wish to prepare and provide some feedback or corroboration about their self-ratings. 
  • When setting future objectives with your staff member, make sure they are SMART, contain a degree of 'stretch' for that individual and are related to strategic or departmental goals


  • Have conversations directly related to pay - instead, take the opportunity to discuss future career aspirations with your staff member
  • Bring up performance issues that haven't previously been raised over the course of the year - there should be no unexpected surprises for your staff member related to their performance

After each meeting:

  • Your reviewee must update the 'Outcomes' tab of their MyReview form with the objectives agreed at the meeting and make any other amendments as discussed. Once finished, they will 'Share and Finalise' their form with you.
  • You should now add your summary to the Outcomes section and 'Share and Finalise' back to your reviewee, where they will then view and accept your comments if happy with them. This will complete the finalisation of the form. 

After the review period:

  • Once you have completed reviews with all your staff members, collate any common developmental or training needs and any other themes and report these back to your senior manager or departmental head for actioning. You may wish to use the Overall Departmental Planning Form (Office document, 22kB) for this purpose.

Further reading

Access MyReview here

Access MyReview to update or complete your review form

How to use MyReview

MyReview User Guide (PDF, 1,101kB)

Paper review forms

Paper copies of the Staff Review form are available for staff who don't have easy access to the online MyReview platform. Contact for help. These staff can complete their Essential Training modules online here

Useful contacts

Contact your departmental HR team for general SR&D queries or concerns

For queries about SR&D training, contact (Professional Services) or (Academic staff)

For MyReview system queries, contact or call ext. 40758

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