Staff Review and Development

We all want to do a good job, but this means knowing how well we are doing and what we are aiming for. The SR&D process is an opportunity to sit down, reflect and plan with a person who can offer guidance.

What is Staff Review & Development?

Staff Review and Development (SR&D) is the University of Bristol’s annual staff review process. It is an annual meeting between you and your line manager which provides the opportunity to:

  • reflect on the work you’ve done over the past year
  • celebrate successes and share feedback on your performance
  • ensure ongoing clarity about the expectations of your role
  • discuss any issues with or barriers to meeting your existing objectives
  • discuss your health and wellbeing at work
  • set objectives for the coming year
  • explore future career aspirations and development opportunities

Once your SR&D meeting has taken place, the outcomes are agreed between you and your manager and then entered into the MyReview online system as a personal record.

It is also expected that the annual SR&D process will be supported throughout the year by 1:1 meetings between you and your manager as often as appropriate.

Who takes part in SR&D?

  • All staff are expected to take part in an annual staff review conversation. This means all full time, part time and fixed term members of staff – whether academic (including research staff) or professional services, whether new to the university or long standing employees.
  • For Professional Services staff, your reviewer is likely to be your line manager.
  • For Academic staff, reviewers will be chosen and allocated to reviewees by the Head of School and will be drawn from a pool of senior, trained staff from within the School/Faculty, which should include professorial staff. Further information for academic staff.
  • Should an individual refuse to meet with their reviewer then the reasons for this will be explored and appropriate action taken. Full participation in SR&D is part of the ‘citizenship’ requirement of working at UoB, as well as being a powerful tool to enable an individual to achieve their full potential in a role. 

When do reviews take place?

  • All staff will complete a staff review every academic year
  • Heads of School/Division will choose a convenient time of year for their school/division to start the staff review process, leaving enough time to have all reviews scheduled, conducted and MyReview forms finalised by the end of October deadline
  • The process should ideally be ‘cascading’, whereby the most senior member of a department/team has their review with their line manager first before holding review meetings with their own direct reports - and so on, down the chain of command. This allows for common objectives to be shared throughout the whole department and helps individuals recognise how their achievements contribute the delivery of the University.
  • However, not all divisions or schools use this cascading model - it is the responsibility of the departmental Head to decide the approach. 

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Useful contacts

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