Working with people


  • Working co-operatively with others in order to achieve objectives
  • Demonstrating a commitment to diversity and applying a wide range of interpersonal skills


  • Demonstrating that you value differences
  • Monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of working relationships
  • Having a good grasp of where your responsibility ends and that of others begins
  • Presenting own opinions and the interests of those you are representing at meetings in a convincing way
  • Establishing rapport


  • Co-operating willingly to support the achievement of team goals
  • Using understanding of other people’s perspectives to help reach agreement
  • Sharing information and keeping others informed
  • Recognising and respecting the roles, responsibilities, interests and concerns of colleagues and stakeholders
  • Proposing and negotiating win-win solutions
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Surfacing conflicts early so that they may be addressed
  • Ensuring that working arrangements, resources and processes respond to different needs, abilities, values and ways of working


  • Working across boundaries to develop relationships with other teams
  • Challenging inappropriate or exclusive practices/ behaviour
  • Reflecting organisational values in dealing with people and conducting business

Behaviours indicating further development needs

  • Interrupting when others are speaking
  • ‘Guarding’ information
  • Discouraging debate
  • Giving priority to own personal goals
  • Presenting other people’s ideas as your own
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