Providing direction


  • Seeing the work that you do in the context of the bigger picture and taking a long-term view
  • Communicating vision clearly and enthusiastically to inspire and motivate others


  • Creating and articulating a vision for own area of responsibility
  • Standing by considered decisions even if they prove unpopular
  • Understanding the bigger picture and being clear about how own role fits in


  • Making links between individual, team, department and organisational objectives clear for others
  • Giving team members support and advice when they need it, especially during periods of setback and change
  • Empowering others to take personal responsibility
  • Providing clarity about responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Creating momentum and enthusiasm about what needs to be done


  • Ensuring plans are consistent with the objectives of the organisation
  • Not losing sight of the vision in dealing with day-to-day pressures
  • Breaking down ‘silo’ thinking and encouraging an organisation-wide perspective

Behaviours indicating further development needs

  • Getting bogged down in detail – unable to see the wood for the trees
  • Being too internally focused
  • Focusing on the short-term view
  • Dictatorial or controlling
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