Finding innovative solutions


  • Taking a holistic view and working enthusiastically and with creativity to analyse problems and develop innovative and workable solutions
  • Identifying opportunities for innovation


  • Taking time to understand and diagnose problems by considering the whole picture
  • Recognising the need to go for the less-than-perfect solution at times in order to achieve objectives
  • Spotting an opportunity and taking action to do something about it
  • Identifying novel ways of resolving issues using own initiative
  • Suggesting and trying out new approaches
  • Identifying risks and considering consequences of failure in advance
  • Balancing new ideas with tried and tested solutions
  • Working proactively and taking initiatives
  • Making decisions and taking responsibility for them


  • Supporting others to find their own solutions rather than giving all the answers
  • Fostering a culture which encourages people to take acceptable risks in pursuing innovation
  • Coaching and guiding others in developing and implementing innovative solutions
  • Sharing learning and experience to facilitate others’ decision making
  • Seeking input from others to develop team solutions
  • Championing business cases and plans for ideas submitted by members of the team
  • Encouraging and developing the creativity of others and recruiting and selecting creative people
  • Giving people the space and freedom to be creative


  • Being open to and applying good practice and fresh ideas from inside and outside the organisation
  • Exercising judgement in line with organisational strategy and priorities
  • Actively seeking new ideas and approaches from outside the organisation
  • Identifying and pursuing opportunities to work in partnership with external organisations to generate and develop ideas

Behaviours indicating further development needs

  • Abdicating responsibility for resolving issues
  • Doing things the way they have always been done without reviewing them
  • Going for the ‘easy’ solution
  • Overlooking the potential repercussions of setting precedents
  • Putting obstacles in the way of innovation
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