Delivering excellent service


  • Providing the best quality service to external and internal clients
  • Building genuine and open long-term relationships in order to drive up service standards


  • Resolving problems quickly in a cheerful, friendly manner
  • Ensuring systems and processes are kept up to date
  • Delivering what you promise
  • Setting appropriate boundaries and managing expectations
  • Being clear about where you can be flexible and where you cannot and why
  • Being up to date with best client service practice in the sector
  • Engaging positively with quality assessment processes


  • Seeing things from your clients’ viewpoint
  • Listening, questioning and clarifying in order to understand your clients’ needs
  • Using client feedback to drive improvements
  • Tailoring communication to meet clients’ needs
  • Fostering a continuous improvement philosophy
  • Delivering consistent service standards


  • Defining excellent service
  • Interpreting rules and regulations flexibly to balance client and organisational needs
  • Consistently giving positive messages about the organisation

Behaviours indicating further development needs

  • Using too much organisational jargon
  • Adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach
  • Hiding behind rules and regulations
  • Providing anonymous service by withholding name or contact details
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