Research Staff Representation and Working Party

‌Welcome from Professor Valeska Ting, Chair of the Working Party

“The University of Bristol is an institution that prides itself on its research. In my role as a Faculty Research Director, I am continually inspired by the creativity, energy and enthusiasm that our research staff bring to the university.

As Chair of the Research Staff Working Party, I am fully committed to working with our research staff to help to ensure we are providing the best environment possible for us all to thrive and succeed.

We have a diverse and vibrant research community and I am keen for your views and opinions to feed into the University's decisions and processes and to help inform the University’s broader strategic vision. The University’s Research Staff Working Party and associated Committee structure was developed to provide representation and to promote and support the careers of our early career research staff.

We all have a role to play in making sure we are continuously enhancing and improving the research environment in our institution. Therefore, I would encourage you all to engage with your school representatives if you think there is an issue that needs to be raised or a suggestion that could be of benefit to our research community.

We all want the university to be a supportive and empowering environment for our research staff, and I look forward to working with you all to make sure that we continue to innovate and accelerate towards that goal.”

The Research Staff Working Party

The Research Staff Working Party meets three times per year and is chaired by Professor Valeska Ting, Faculty Research Director. Minutes of the previous meetings are available. This group reports to the University Research Committee. Full terms of reference and membership are available.

The Research Staff Reps Committee

The Research Staff Reps Committee represents research staff from across the institution and facilitates engagement within the University. The committee meets six times a year, either side of the Working Party meetings. Additional meetings may be arranged to discuss or consult upon specific topics of importance. Minutes of the previous meetings are available. 

Research Staff Representatives (reps) from each school make up the committee membership and are in place to provide the link between research staff and the central University structure. They facilitate communication – both locally where they work and across Faculties between research staff and the wider research and academic community. The Chair and three other Reps are also part of the Working Party.

Each school is encouraged to have a representative who will:

Research Staff Concordat Champions

As part of the University’s commitment to the Concordat to support the career development of researchers each school is encouraged to appoint a local Concordat Champion. The role of the champion is to help raise awareness of the Concordat and our collective role in supporting careers of researchers. Champions are academic members of staff who are on school committees, and they work closely with Research Staff Reps, Heads of Schools and others to address the local research culture.