Networking: an online resource for researchers

Networking is an umbrella term that describes a range of behaviours and actions which encompass personal marketing, relationships, social capital, career planning and mentoring. In the academic sector, the increasing value placed on collaborative partnerships and the emergence of the impact agenda have heightened the need to have a broad professional network.

Although most researchers now accept the need to develop these networks, it’s still common to feel anxious or reticent about the idea of networking. This guide is designed to help you develop your confidence and to build your skills to network more effectively, in a style which suits you and remains authentic. There are questions to help you focus your thinking and development plans and links to articles and books to help you understand other people’s approaches and their advice. The guide also contains a series of downloadable worksheets with reflective activities for you to work on in greater detail at your own pace.

The themes of the guide are:

  • An introduction to networking and its value for researchers
  • Building networking into your long-term career plans
  • Exploring barriers to developing your network
  • Characteristics of an effective network
  • Building and maintaining your network<
  • Communicating with your network

Get started with: 'Part 1: Introducing networking and its value'

Part 1: Introducing networking and its value

Feeling cynical about the value of networking?

Part 2: Where could networking take you?

Long term career goals and how networking can help

Part 3: Barriers to networking

Observing and reflecting to improve our own personal impact

Part 5: Broadening and growing your network

Structured and informal approaches to build your network

Part 6: What they need to know and useful tools and approaches

Identifying what to share with your network and when