Read about what our mentees and mentors have got out of the scheme in their own words. 

Mentor Testimonials

The Bristol Clear Scheme has been a great way for me as a mentor to get to know and hopefully to help individuals I would never otherwise have met, and in particular to increase my appreciation of both the common features of research staff issues and importantly the variety too. Part of this is down to personalities and part to context and the individual's situation, and all are important!

Mentor, Professor Tim Peters Research Director, Faculty of Health Sciences - 2019

I signed up to the scheme primarily as someone who has benefited from informal mentoring in the past. I am keen to ensure that everyone gets these opportunities not just those fortunate enough to have ad-hoc mentors through other means. I have really enjoyed getting to know some of our staff from areas different to my own, in particular gaining a broader understanding of the University, its challenges and opportunities. I have really enjoyed some time to chat about career objectives, paths, challenges etc. This has definitely help me consider the great diversity of career paths in UoB and has introduced me to some options that I was not aware of previously. I can’t say it has had much of an influence on my own career decisions – that might be to come! I would very much recommend this to other staff, primarily as a way of sharing experience and spreading best practice where this might have been identified. It also definitely helps develop a sense of community and hopefully provides some useful insight to all involved.

Mentor, Professor David Stephens - Faculty Research Director, Faculty of Life Sciences - 2019

Mentee Testimonials

Being a mentee in the Bristol Clear Mentoring Scheme afforded me the opportunity to have one to one meetings with an experienced member of staff, which resulted in much-appreciated additional supervision regarding career advancement. It also meant that during the meeting I would receive immediate and insightful feedback on both short funding proposals and job applications. Discussing possible future research ideas with a professional with a different educational background brought a useful new perspective and aided with the effectiveness of the writing process, relevance and pathway to impact of the proposal content. I would like to express my gratitude to my mentor and to the team behind the organisation of the scheme for making this great opportunity available

Mentee, Personal Testimonial - 2019

Absolutely brilliant. The most important thing I learned from my mentor - What I want is not always what I need.

Mentee, Personal Testimonial - 2019

I am very lucky to be surrounded by supportive colleagues, including senior academics who are invested in my development. I signed up to the Bristol Clear Mentoring Scheme, therefore, because it offered a valuable opportunity to speak to someone a couple of years ahead of me career-wise who was outside of my discipline and could offer new perspectives on how to navigate the early career stage. I have found it really refreshing speaking to my mentor, who has helped me to reflect on my immediate next steps. Through our meetings, I have been able to establish new benchmarks during my postdoctoral fellowship which my mentor has also followed-up on. I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme to other early career researchers, especially those who are planning to transition into a lectureship

Mentee, Personal Testimonial - 2019

I engaged with the Bristol Clear Mentoring scheme as I was unsure how to take the next step with my career and needed some help in forging my own research path. Mentoring through Bristol Clear has given me an opportunity to receive impartial, personalised career advise that has helped solidify my future career trajectory. It was useful to discuss current issues that I was experiencing and how to circumvent them, as well as providing practical advice on how to achieve my career aspirations. Meeting with my mentor over the course of several months allowed re-evaluation and further discussion of aspects of this process that I was embracing or finding challenging. It also gave me the confidence to have similar conversations with my current PI. Overall, I would recommend anyone who is needing independent career guidance to participate with the scheme as I now have clearer career objectives and how to accomplish these.

Mentee, Personal Testimonial - 2019

Bristol Clear mentoring scheme allowed me to find a mentor who is outside of my area of expertise. It was great to have someone available to help exploring and dealing with challenges I’m facing at work as an international postdoc. Our discussions were very helpful for better adaptation to a new working culture in the UK. My mentor showed genuine interest in my career progression and development as a scientist. The nice thing is that there was no judgement on my performance, and we were mostly working on removing barriers in my current role during our regular meetings.

Mentee, Personal Testimonial - 2019

I have found the mentoring scheme hugely beneficial for developing a sense of independence as a researcher. As a first-time PDRA, I found it difficult to understand the expectations and how to manage my own research goals with that of the project I have been employed to work on. Speaking to a senior academic who had experienced similar dilemmas helped me to build confidence to pursue my own research agenda and to develop skills and strategies to do this, while meeting the goals of my other work. I would very much recommend participating in the scheme

Mentee, Personal Testimonial - 2019