Mentoring Scheme Information

Are you considering if mentoring is the right thing for you? This page details some more information about the scheme and the benefits of mentoring in general.

When can I sign up?

  • We have two intakes per year in March & September. You will need to fill out an expression of interest form and we will contact you to confirm a date for your induction session. 

What are the time commitments?

  • You will be matched with a mentor/mentee after attending a 2.5 hours Information and Skills induction session and completing a matching form where you can specify your own requirements for mentoring.
  • Your mentor will be assigned to you for 6-months and you will be expected to meet a minimum of three times over that period.
  • The mentee drives the relationship and is responsible for setting up meetings and actively engaging with the mentor.
  • There will be a mid way coffee morning to meet other mentees or mentors and share experiences. 
  • You will be asked to fill out a final evaluation form at the end of the six months.

What is an Information and Skills induction session? 

  • This session is for all staff members who are interested in joining the scheme, either as a mentor or mentee.
  • The 2.5h session covers some introductory mentoring concepts, definitions, and looks at what ‘good mentoring’ involves.
  • Through guided practice and reflection, the session helps mentors and mentees build skills that are useful in cultivating and managing successful mentoring relationships. 
  • Through the session, mentees and mentors will have chance to refine their objectives for the programme, gain understanding of the types of outcomes that are common for this kind of programme, and hear each other's perspectives.
  • The session also explains the programme timescales; expected time commitments; confidentiality; evaluation processes; and further mentoring resources that mentees and mentors can expect. 
  • Following this session, and using the new understanding you gain, you will have the opportunity to specify your own objectives for the programme – these will be used to match you with a suitable mentor/mentee.

Express your interest in attending an information and skills induction session

Mentoring (chalk board)

Mentoring has been proven to help with:

  • dedicating time to focus on your professional development and career plan
  • understanding the options for your next move and make active choices
  • finding new ways to build constructive working relationships
  • raising your profile in academia or in a new field
  • being listened to, improving your confidence and motivation at work
  • prioritising and finding balance against multiple projects and demands

Tim Peters - Scheme Champion

Tim Peters as a contract researcher

Over many years I have contributed to and benefited from mentoring arrangements of various degrees of formality. However, early in my career; as a researcher on a series of short term contracts and then as a junior Lecturer; there were very few opportunities of the kind that the excellent Bristol Clear Mentoring Scheme comprises. Do avail yourself of this offer, be as open with yourself and your mentor as you can and remember, what you derive from it will be proportional to the input!

Tim Peters, Research Director, Faculty of Health Sciences