Senior leadership coaching

Comment on coaching undertaken by Edwin Gale, Professor of Diabetic Medicine, Clinical Science at North Bristol:

"My experience as Head of Division is that senior academics soak up a lot of stress and anxiety from their juniors, but have no means of airing their own problems and anxieties. My [coaching meetings] were a breath of fresh air and helped me both to re-orientate myself professionally and to achieve better integration of my home and work life."

Why undertake coaching?

Coaching is a sought after development activity that allows you to think more deeply about matters of importance to you in your role. One of the primary needs identified by leaders and managers in the University is for individual support in dealing with complex situations and focusing on the specific issues faced within the working environment.

Working one to one with an experienced coach you will be assured of their confidentiality, impartiality and sound understanding of the University and the HE environment. The internal Staff Coaching service offers leadership and career coaching to identified groups but in addition offers our most senior leaders access to external coaches.

The service has proved to be highly valued, with many individuals reporting how coaching has helped them to focus on important issues, find practical solutions to problems, develop new insights, skills and ways of working to meet the needs of the role or to simply survive the pressures that come with running a Division or Faculty.

Who is it for?

All Deans, Heads of School, Divisional Heads and Faculty Managers can apply for access to an external coach. If you do not fall in to one of these categories but are in or about to take on, a senior leadership role within the University, please contact Clare Brophy, Staff Coaching Service Manager to discuss what support might be available.

Depending on the coach’s fees, Staff Development will fund up to four and a half hours annually with an external coach (double that if it is your first year in the role). If you wish to continue working with the coach you have chosen, for a longer period, you will need to fund sessions from your Faculty or Divisional budget or an alternative source.    

I am interested in coaching, what is my next step?

If you would like to use this service, or wish to check whether or not you are entitled to Staff Development-funded external coaching, please contact The list of available external coaches below act as links to further information on each individual:


  • Jerry Gilpin
  • Nigel Singer
  • Jane Western