Level 3 experienced route

There is a single experienced route to SFHEA (D3 UKPSF) supported by the CREATE team. Individuals working towards or attaining Level 3 will normally have a chonsiderable level of expertise, developed over time, in supporting high quality student learning in all dimensions of the framework, with particular focus on their leadership of education. They will have been working at this level for at least 4-5 years to provide the evidence-base for the claim. 

Individuals will evidence the depth and sophistication of their understanding and demonstrate a sustained and successful engagement with the UKPSF at D3, indicating specifically how such knowledge, understanding and expertise is used in their approach to teaching, mentoring and their leadership roles. Staff may also choose this route and with the CREATE advisor develop a plan to engage in the relevant experiences and activities to be able to make a SFHEA claim in the future.