CREATE Celebration 25 January 2018

Academic Staff Development held their second Cultivating Research and Teaching Excellence (CREATE) Celebration on 25 January 2018. Opened by Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, Professor Guy Orpen, the event was an opportunity for the CREATE alumni from across the Faculties to come together and celebrate successfully completing their portfolios. ‌

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Students, Professor Judith Squires presented the CREATE Excellence Awards that recognise and reward participants whose portfolios evidence going ‘above and beyond’ across their academic practice - leadership, research and scholarship and teaching. The panel identified 3 portfolios deserving of a CREATE Excellence Award which were presented to:

The panel provided the following comments about the Excellence Award winning portfolios:

Dr Naomi Millner

She commendably demonstrates the development of her thought and practice across the levels and her roles.   Her portfolios demonstrate her commitment to  creating opportunities for refection and experimentation for students alongside her own researcher development.  The depth of her development is clearly demonstrated in her highly reflective, scholarly action oriented close to her level 2 portfolio and today we have had an opportunity to hear from Naomi about her level 2 teaching enquiry which allowed us all to hear her thoughtful informed approached to enhancing student learning.‌

Dr George Oikonomou

George commendably demonstrates the development of a highly integrated approach to practice . He reflects across the portfolios his engagement with developing his practice through CREATE on the basis of evidence and strong reflections across his role and how he has developed his practice.. In the assignments he showed clear focus and scholarly consideration on how to enhance the learning experiences for his students.

Dr Ben Pohl

He commendably demonstrates the development of is academic practice across the levels and his roles.  His two assignments show how he managed to respond to the students different backgrounds and support their learning and then innovate with the development and evaluation of the Scriptorium Suitcase in his level 2 teaching enquiry.  His reflections on what he learnt from both his experiences in the classroom and on CREATE were well thought through and he has considered how he’ll use this reflection to improve his performance and to further his research and complementary activities. Well done Ben. 

To date, over 230 participants have successfully completed CREATE and been awarded either Associate Fellow, Fellow of Senior Fellow since its launch in 2014 and there are over 300 staff and 40 PGRs enrolled on the scheme in 2017-18. During the event, examples of assignments submitted for portfolios were available for all to view and this year particpants could also present aspects of their portfolio through short presentations and posters. All participants were awarded certificates to mark their CREATE outcome. 

Faculty of Arts

Associate Fellow


Senior Fellow

Jane Freeland

Alice Elliot

Elizabeth Allen

Victoria Bates

Jennifer Batt

Andy Flack

Sophie Hatchwell

James Hawkey

Tristan Kay

Madhu Krishnan

Damien Mooney

Lucas Nunes Vieira

Benjamin Pohl

John Reeks

Karim Theobault 

Rowan Tomlinson

Maxine Gilway

Genevieve Liveley 

 Faculty of Biomedical Sciences


Bronwen Burton

Andrew Doherty

Wael Kafienah

Faculty of Engineering


Fellow Senior Fellow
 Byung Chul Kim

Andy Crossley

Alberto Gambaruto

Alicia Gonzalez-Buelga

James Gospill

Colin Greatwood

Dmitry Ivanov

Jason Zheng Jiang

Isobel Llyod

Lucia Marucci

Mahmoud Mostafavi

George Oikonomou

Francesca Pianosi

Irene Renaud-Assemat

Rafael Rosolem

Mark Schenk

Chris Snider

Shane Windsor

Lucy Berthoud

Faculty of Health Sciences

Associate Fellow Fellow Senior Fellow

Delphine Holopherne-Doran

Lucy Huppler

Shona Methven

Jeremy Rose

 Audrey Chanoit

Ivan Doran

Iain Dykes

Aiden Foster

Abigail Fraser

Emily Henderson

Paddy Horner

Julie Macfarlane

Christina Maunder

Scott Paterson

Gemma Sharp

Louisa Slingsby

Sarah Wood 

 Ellayne Fowler

Trevor Thompson

Faculty of Science

Associate Fellow Fellow

Veronica Celorrio

Abhishek Saha

Ben Swallow

Angela Attwood

Christopher Bell

Emily Bell

Florian Bouyer

Harean Cho

Frances Cooper

Sven Friedemann

Tamara Grava

Anthony Laing

Jonathan Matthews

Jeffrey Neal

Peter Turner

Natasa Vasilijevic

Andy Wakefield

Furqaan Yusaf

Steffi Zegowitz 

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law


 Will Atkinson

Erlend Berg

Jennifer Collins

Anaid Flesken

Helen Foster

Sean Fox

Sofia Galani

Clair Gammage

Saffron Karlsen

Naomi Millner

Patrick Nash

Katerina Raoukka

Mariano Scapin

Gregory Schwartz

Georgina Tsagas

Paul Willis

Liyi Zheng

Yanos Zylberberg 

The CREATE celebration will be an annual event in January and we look forward to the opportunity to once again share and celebrate participants portfolios and successful completion.  

See you all in January 2019.