CREATE Celebration 23 January 2020

Academic Staff Development held their third Cultivating Research and Teaching Excellence (CREATE) Celebration on 23 January 2020. Opened by Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education, Professor Tansy Jessop, the event was an opportunity for the CREATE alumni from across the Faculties to come together and celebrate successfully completing their portfolios. ‌

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, Professor Judith Squires presented the CREATE Excellence Awards that recognise and reward participants whose portfolios evidence going ‘above and beyond’ across their academic practice - leadership, research and scholarship and teaching. The panel identified 3 portfolios deserving of a CREATE Excellence Award which were presented to:

The panel provided the following comments about the Excellence Award winning portfolios:

Steven Roberts 

Steven’s portfolio clearly demonstrated the different ways he supports learners through scaffolding their learning and encouraging independence. By seeing his students as partners, he is able to nurture their critical voice and help them to develop as researchers. The scholarly approach taken by Steven enabled him to reflect on threshold concepts and troublesome knowledge within his practice to explore how his teaching style is developing.   

Philip Collard 

Throughout Philip’s portfolios he has shown honest and thoughtful reflection on many elements of his practice. By providing a voice for his students during the feedback process, he enables a dialogue to be constructed reflecting our institution’s vision to provide assessment for learning. His work on resilience within his level 2 portfolio raises some pertinent questions about what this means to both staff and students and how we could embed resilience into programmes of study. Philip’s commitment to personal development within all aspects of his academic practice is demonstrated in both portfolios. 

Alba Lanua

Alba’s scholarly approach to her level one portfolio allowed a thorough critique of feedback practice. By focusing on creating a dialogue with students and exploring the student experience of feedback, they not only improved academically, but were also better prepared for academic life. Her level two work explored the literature on how to support students with "consuming but also producing research" and the tensions between content and skills in the wider curriculum. 


To date, over 350 participants have successfully completed CREATE and been awarded either Associate Fellow, Fellow of Senior Fellow since its launch in 2014 and there are over 250 colleagues enrolled on the scheme in 2019-20. During the event, particpants presented aspects of their portfolio through short presentations and posters. All participants were awarded certificates to mark their CREATE outcome. 

Faculty of Arts

  Associate Fellow


Senior Fellow

Lindsey Carter

Penelope Cartwright

Maggie Boswell

Ruth Bush

Hannah Charnock

Hannah-Marie Chidwick

Samuel Crawley

Julio Decker

Amy Edwards

Pete Palconer

Albertine Fox

Mark Hailwood

Donal Hassett

Anna Havinga

Edward Holberton

Cathy Hume



Dave Jarman

David Leech

Jose Lingna Nafafr

Bex Lyons

Coreen McGuire

John McTague

Paul Merchant

Samia Nasar

Ann Padley

Eleanor Rycroft

Clare Siviter

Mercedes Villalba

Lena Zuchowski 

Marianne Ailes 

 Faculty of Engineering

Associate Fellow Fellow Senior Fellow

Hilary Frank

Vijay Kumar

Karen Aplin

David Bernhard

Nikolai Bode

Krishna Coimbatore Balram

Raffaele De Risi

Daniele Fiscaletti

Elena Giannaccini

Sabine Hauert

Tom Hill

Marco Luigi Longana

Miranda Mowbray

Matt O'Donnell

Daniel Poole

Djamel Rezgui

Nick Simpson

Sam Williamson

Naim Dahnoun

Faculty of Health Sciences

Fellow Senior Fellow

Louise Arnold

Jennifer Bailey

Nihal Bandara

Daniel Baumgardt

Umberto Benedetto

Rahul Bhatnagar

Ellen Brooks Pollock

Christie Cabral

Ela Chakkarapani

Hannah Christensen

Philip Collard 

Becky Foster

Sarah Gosling

Anna Hammond

Melanie Hezzell

Joanna Hockenhull

Susan Horseman

Jeremy Horwood

Craig Johnson

Joanna Kesten

Sophie Keyte

Rowena Killick

Daniel Lawson

Erik Lenguerrand

Jenny McNamara

Kate Northstone

Amanda Owen-Smith

Lavinia Paternoster

Leila Rooshenas

Fernando Sanchez-Vizcaino Buendia

Evie Stergiakouli

Kyla Thomas

Esther Van der Werf-Kok

Penny Whiting 

Vikki Wylde

Sarah Allsop

Isabelle Cunningham

Emma Love

Faculty of Life Sciences

  Associate Fellow Fellow

Lea Hampton O'Neil

Ana Abdala Sheikh

Christopher Cammies

Kathryn Ford

Chrissy Hammond

Jill Harrison

Christos Ioannou

Caroline McKinnon

Zoe Palmer

Yi Zhang

Faculty of Science


Chris Adams

Jorge Barreto

Rory Bingham

Rachael Carey

Laura Evenstar

Natalie Fey

Joe Gerlach

Martin Gradhand

Jos Gunns

George Kenison

Jack Landy

Fatemeh Mohammadi

Karen Parrish

Matthew Rigby

Jenny Riker

Max Werner

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law

Associate Fellow Fellow

Christiana Antonoudiou

Lin Ma

Trang Tran 

Rutvica Andrijasevic

Dimos Andronoudis

Miranda Armstrong

Patrick Arni

Shreya Atrey

Sam Bell

Agnes Bezzina

Eirik Bjorge

Egle Cesnulyte

Se Kyu Choi

Sandra Dowling

Jonathan Floyd

Fabiana Gomez

Alessandro Iaria

Alba Lanau

Neil Matthews

Cian Murphy

Heather Ottaway

Jess Paddock

Steve Pearce

Emma Pugh

Jane Rooney

Yvette Russell

Victoria Sharley

Hans Henrik Sievertsen

Miriam Snellgrove

Sami Stouli

Nikos Tsileponis

Karen Tucker

Elspeth Van Veeren

Tiffany Wang

Shu Yau