2018 Pay Award

In the 2018 negotiations, the University and Colleges Employers’ Association (UCEA), who are mandated to negotiate pay settlements on behalf of the sector, put forward a collective position on pay on behalf of all employers that seeks to maintain pay competitiveness despite major uncertainties in the sector.

Current situation:

The University is part of a national collective pay bargaining arrangement which is the process by which trades unions and employers negotiate over the terms of the employment relationship. The primary goal of collective bargaining is the achievement of an agreement between the unions and employers.

The current final offer on the cost of living pay settlement from the 147 Universities is 2% on all pay points, with a greater uplift to pay spine points 2-15 inclusive. Please note that our pay grades start at spine point 3 as we do not pay any staff below spine point 3. This outcome brings the average sector pay increase for non-senior staff in 2018-19 to 3.5% because many of the staff covered will also receive progression pay increases.

It has become evident that an agreement on a cost of living pay settlement remains unachievable this year with all but one of the National Negotiating Committee Trade Unions. As a result, the main Trade Unions have issued a dispute in relation to the planned pay award and intend to ballot their members regarding industrial action over a period through to 19 October.

We will be implementing the offered pay award in the October 2018 salary payment. It will be back dated to 1 August 2018. Any further pay increase that is agreed will be paid at a future date. We feel that it is important to make additional payments to staff now and not wait for further changes before giving you the cash. 


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