Column Converter

What is Column Converter?

This web page is here to provide a simple way of converting a vertically formatted list of values, such as might be copied from a spreadsheet column, into a list of SITS "Wildcard Or" (·|) separated values. The output can then be used for carrying out a retrieve of multiple records in a SITS screen.

Below is a table showing some example input of the type that might be entered into the converter, and an example of the converter's output.

Example Input Example Output

The numbered steps below guide you through the process.

1. Copy the column of values (e.g. the spreadsheet column) into the clipboard.
Avoid column headings if present.
Do not include more than 400 values in any one batch (see Important Note at the bottom of this page).

2. Paste the values from the clipboard into the box below. Each value should be on its own line.
Tidy up if necessary - removing blank lines, including at the beginning and end.

3. Select any extra processing options required.
     Add Wildcard Any Characters (·*)      
     Remove Slashed Suffixes (e.g. /1)      

4. Click this button >
The SITS "Wildcard Or" version will appear highlighted below. Copy into the clipboard, ready for
pasting into a suitable SITS screen retrieve field.

Important Note: Most SITS fields are limited to a maximum of 400 gold-separated values being used as parameters in a single retrieve. Check that the number of records retrieved in SITS matches your expectations, and break the required values up into smaller batches if necessary.

Also bear in mind that if you use the "Remove Slashed Suffixes" option, some of your values may effectively become duplicates, which could reduce the number of records retrieved. Using "Add Wildcard Any Characters" could of course increase the number of records retrieved.