Scientific Consensus Meeting

Scientific Consensus Meeting

Delegates at the London Scientific Consensus Meeting.

Practicing what we preach at the Edinburgh Scientific Consensus Meeting

We held two Scientific Consensus Meetings over the course of May and June, one in Edinburgh and one in London. The purpose of these meetings was to allow Chairs, members of the Expert Working Groups (EWGs) and external stakeholders to discuss and provide feedback on the working group papers produced by each EWG. A key objective of the meetings was to identify any issues regarding implementation of the guidelines and surveillance methods.

All six EWGs, plus the group working on the physical activity recommendations for disabled adults, presented the work they had been doing on the update of the recommendations and summarised the key proposed changes. Approximately 160 people attended the meetings in total, including a mixture of government organisations, health care professionals, sporting bodies and academics in the field. The meetings were successful in generating constructive feedback for the EWGs to consider when finalising the recommendations that will be presented to the four UK CMOs.

Scientific Consensus meeting - general feedback (PDF, 89kB)

Scientific Consensus Meeting slides: Under 5s (PDF, 900kB)

Scientific Consensus Meeting slides: Children & Young People (PDF, 144kB)

Scientific Consensus meeting slides: Adults (PDF, 189kB)

Scientific Consensus Meeting slides: Older Adults (PDF, 268kB)

Scientific Consensus Meeting slides: Sedentary Behaviour (PDF, 167kB)

Scientific Consensus Meeting slides: Communication & Surveillance (PDF, 342kB)


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