The FAB Kids workshop

We do a lot of research in local schools, to which we are truly grateful. One of the ways we can say a big thank you to our participants and give back to the local area is by providing the FAB Kids workshop for free! We’ll even provide schools with bespoke posters to help reinforce what the children explored and developed within the workshop.

The workshop is divided into three related themes:

  • Food
  • Activity
  • Bodies

The three workshop stations


FAB takes a different approach to looking at 'food'. Our focus is on essential and everyday consumption that children largely choose themselves: drinks.

This station considers the sugar content of a variety of drinks that children consume. We explore the impact that sugar has on a child's body and do hands-on tests looking at the sugar content of drinks.


What's the point of being physically active? What benefits does it have for children? How does activity affect the heart? These are the issues that this station addresses.

Physical activity is central to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This station considers the impact that physical activity has on children's hearts. The interactive activities allow children to think critically about the importance of physical activity for their heart.


The Bodies station combines the food and activity themes by exploring the impact of lifestyle choice on various parts of the body. This one-of-a-kind fun group activity will have children racing against the clock to accurately complete the task.

All brilliant, staff energetic and formed great relationships with children

Year 5 teacher, BaNES
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