Older men at the margins: a study of older men’s experiences of seeking social engagement and combating loneliness in later life



In collaboration with Age UK, this project seeks to identify ways of alleviating loneliness and reducing isolation for older men (65+) across three marginalised groups: older men living in rural areas who are living alone; older gay and bisexual men who are living alone; and, older men who are carers for significant others. The project includes a fourth group, single older men (65+) who do not belong to the above three groups, for comparison. The overarching aim is to develop an in-depth understanding of the ways in which marginalised groups of older men seek to maintain social engagement and social participation in later life. This includes participation in formalised interventions targeted at reducing loneliness. The research will identify ways in which social care services could better take account of the social wellbeing of older men from marginalised and hard-to-reach groups. Findings will be disseminated through engagement workshops and through practice-oriented resources.

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