Justice, Inequality & Gender Based Violence



The research addresses how ‘justice’ is understood, sought, and experienced by a wide range of victims/survivors of gender based violence (sexual, domestic and ‘honour-based’ violence), by asking:

  1. How do victim/survivors and others experience and perceive ‘justice’?
  2. How does inequality affect access to support pathways and trajectories through the formal and informal justice systems?
  3. How are notions of resistance and empowerment linked to notions of justice and access to justice?
  4. How do practitioners themselves perceive notions of ‘justice’ whether enacted through formal or informal routes.
  5. What would a truly victim focused justice agenda for gender based violence look like?

We also look at implications of recent changes in the formal and informal justice systems and policy and contexts of austerity. The research involves extensive literature reviews, meta-analysis of existing criminal justice and GBV datasets, and interviews with a large sample of victims-survivors and practitioners.

What does Justice mean to you?

Thank you for visiting our site.  We are a small experienced group of researchers from Bristol and Cardiff universities. 

We are currently conducting some research about what types of justice victims/survivors of different types of abuse access, want, and get.  As such, we want to speak to a broad range of victims/survivors of different types of abuse about what ‘justice’ means to you. 

You may have been through the police or courts, or not, it does not matter. We are interested in what you think about ‘justice’ as an idea.

If you would like to take part, it involves a one-off interview, either in person at a safe place, or over the telephone, which will take approx. 60 minutes.

Please find below a more detailed information sheet which explains how we keep, anonymise, and use any information you share with us.

If you would like to speak to one of our team in more detail about the research, or want to contact us to take part, please complete this form, with information on how we can safely contact you.

Any contact information you give will be kept securely and confidentiality in accordance with data protection laws.

Justice and Gender Based Violence project_further info (PDF, 129kB)