Capturing the impact of mortality reviews of people with learning disabilities



The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) programme ( is introducing a standardised process for reviewing deaths of people with learning disabilities in England. But a mortality review is not enough on its own to reduce health inequalities. What is essential is that we capture and monitor the impact of mortality reviews, and how recommendations made may (or may not) be embedded in initiatives that will improve service provision and, over time, reduce premature mortality. In order to achieve this, we will be delivering a series of workshops that will inform the LeDeR programme and ensure that it maximises its impact. The overall aim of the workshops is to explore how we can capture the impact of initiatives implemented as a result of reviews of deaths of people with learning disabilities, and share this information throughout the health and social care sectors. Emily Lauer, the lead for similar work in the USA will be contributing to the workshops.


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