An evaluation of interventions designed to reduce child to parent violence



Child to parent violence /adolescent to parent violence (CPV/APV) in adoptive families was first identified in 2015 by Selwyn and colleagues in their national study of adoption disruption.   It is an under-reported but significant factor in adoption disruption. The evaluation intends to examine whether:

Professionals from two Local Authorities and Pan London authorities will be invited to attend the PAC-UK training delivered by social workers and by trained adoptive parents.  PAC-UK   is a registered adoption support charity.   Questionnaires will be completed pre and post training.  Similarly adoptive parents who attend training, who receive group or peer to peer support or direct intervention in the family will also be asked to complete questionnaires at the two time points.   Questionnaires include some standardised measures and draw on the work of the RPCV Evaluation (  and the surveys being used by  the US Quality Improvement Center of Adoption and Guardianship support and preservation (

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