NameDissertation title
Shizuka Abe Active ageing and the role of ICT in Japan
Hardeep Aiden Multiculturalism and Social Policy in Japan: State, Local Government and NGO policies and programmes and the integration of foreign residents
Lorenza Antonucci  
Marion Britton Place shaping: Does the new relationship between local authorities and housing organisations create places in which people want to live?
Chi Chen Chinese trainees in Japan: Dynamics of inclusion and exclusion
Fadia Dakka To what extent does the marketisation of Higher Education Institutions give rise to processes of convergence or divergence in the sector
Mark Delf What are the principal factors (determinants) shaping the provision of HE in FEC's in England?
Jo Howard An international comparative study of the citizen-led and nongovernmental initiatives to pro-poor poverty and inclusive public services
Faheem J. Khan Inside Foreign Aid: Donor - Recipient Interaction and Aid Policy Networks in Pakistan
Christian Leyton Implementing policy to poverty reduction in Latin America
Jamal Msami Local fiscal autonomy and government identity in Tanzania – Challenges and implications
Saba Muhammd  
Amany Rashed The role of the state and pressures for economic diversification: the case of the United Arab Emirates
Joon Young Yi Governmental strategic for meta-governance: An analysis of Seoul Metropolitan governance of social enterprises