Annual Conference 2015

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Policy & Politics Annual Conference 2015

Democracy, Inequality & Power: Redefining Classic Concepts for the 21st Century

Plenary Speakers
Professor Danny Dorling (University of Oxford, UK) - Not just economics: what we know about why social inequality persists
Professor Andrew Gamble (University of Cambridge, UK) - Can democracy survive?
Professor Mark Purcell (University of Washington, US) - Democracy against, beyond and without the state
Professor Kate Pickett (University of York, UK) - The human costs of inequality

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of our 2015 conference. We have had excellent feedback on the plenary sessions as well as the diverse range of themed panels we hosted. We’re really pleased that so many of you found it stimulating, enjoyable and relevant. See below for some of the photographs which captured the event…

Some of the plenary speakers: Andrew Gamble, Danny Dorling and Mark Purcell

The conference organisers

Presenters and delegates

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