Prof Vukusic: All things bright and beautiful:inspiration from evolutionary photonics

19 November 2014, 4.00 PM - 9 September 2014, 6.00 PM

LT2 School of Chemistry

Prof Peter Vukusic Faculty of Science Colloquium

19th November 2014 4pm

All things bright and beautiful: inspiration from evolutionary photonics

Venue: LT2 School of Chemistry (see the University precint map for directions)

The Faculty of Science is delighted to welcome Prof Peter Vukusic.  Peter holds the Chair in BioPhotonics at the University of Exeter School of Physics and leads a research group whose work comprises the discovery, characterisation and technological application of photonic systems in animals and plants. 


In many biological systems such as insects, fish, birds and flowers, the common mechanism for the most brightly coloured appearances is coherent scattering from photonic crystal structures. Study of these systems is informing a broad range of sciences, providing not only functional, behavioural and materials understanding, but also suggesting protocols with which light, colour and appearance manipulation in technology may be more effectively embraced. This presentation will offer an overview of the field of biological photonics, and will describe in detail several recent discoveries that reflect nature’s optical ingenuity, together with some technological applications for which they are currently being developed.

All students and staff are welcome, and attendance is free.  This event will, no doubt, be very well attended, so please arrive early to get yourself a seat.  This event will be followed by a drinks reception in the East Foyer.

Further information on Peter Vukusic

Peter Vukusic Website

If you would like to publicise this event within your school please download this flyer.  Peter Vukusic Flyer (PDF, 135kB)

For more information on this event, please contact or call 0117 3317479

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