Timothy Senior: In search of a Symbiosis Between Art and Science

12 March 2014, 4.00 PM - 12 March 2014, 4.00 PM

From Ramón y Cajal to Performative Science: In search of a Symbiosis Between Art and Science

Speaker: Timothy Senior, D. Phil (neuroscientist)         www.art-sci.info

Title: From Ramón y Cajal to Performative Science: In search of a Symbiosis Between Art and Science


Historically, notions of art and science have fluctuated in the degree of their [in]compatibility. With the re-emergence of art as a tool through which scientific knowledge can be explored, unexpected relationships between traditional scientific and artistic practices are beginning to materialize. Beyond the incorporation of scientific imagery into works of art, the increasing commercialization and accessibility of research technologies now permits artists to use research methods in their pursuit of artistic form and expression, resulting in works that transcend the boundaries of these two cultures of inquiry. This notion of a "third culture" raises the question of how artistic and scientific practices may inform each other in a more mutually symbiotic fashion. One suggestion for where this symbiosis may occur is at the level of ‘performativity’ in practice – in one guise, a mode of understanding gained through a bodily involvement in the ‘act of doing’. With the emergence of performance-engaged research in the sciences, we are seeing the re-acknowledgment of embodied experience as a powerful tool of inquiry, one that can lead to new, and highly controversial, epistemic methods. In this presentation, Tim Senior will trace recent developments in these "third culture" practices and ask: Might contemporary scientific and artistic practices be closer together than we think?

Tim is currently a Junior Fellow at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst and a Visiting Junior Fellow at the centre for Visual Communication and Expertise (VisComX) at Jacobs University, Bremen. In addition to his undergraduate teaching, which spans a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives related to the brain sciences, he is conducting research into the application of contemporary art practices in the communication of knowledge from neuroscience. It is through this research that Tim is developing his creative practice, focusing on installation work and the use of contemporary digital media tools. Tim completed his PhD in 2008 in in vivo electrophysiology at the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit, Oxford University (Alumnus of Worcester College). The title of his PhD is 'An in vivo electrophysiological approach to the classification of interneurons in the behaving animal' (Advisors: Dr Jozsef Csicsvari and Professor Peter Somogyi).

The research seminar will be held in the lecture room of the Drama Department on Cantocks Close.

Wednesday 12th March, 4pm.

For more information please contact Paul.Geary@bristol.ac.uk


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