Pre-course occupational health information for students

Pre-course health questionnaires

Once you have been offered a provisional place to study at the University of Bristol where your course requires you to carry out any clinical duties and/or have contact with vulnerable patients or clients you will be required to complete a health assessment questionnaire

In order to carry out a full assessment to determine fitness for your course it is essential that you provide a full history of all your past or current health issues. In the vast majority of cases students are fit for the course with support and adjustments as necessary and the school is provided with this information. If there is any doubt from the information provided you may be contacted before you start your course by a member of the Occupational Health Service, this may result in you being asked to attend a health assessment in Bristol.

It is important to complete your questionnaire as fully as possible and return it to the University Occupational Health Service by the given deadline date. If using a large envelope please ensure you that you pay the sufficient postage costs as it is your responsibility to ensure the health questionnaire is delivered on time.

Please ensure that all of your current vaccinations are recorded on your health questionnaire with the dates of administration.

Most health questionnaires require confirmation and a signature from your General Practitioner therefore it may be necessary to book an appointment with them in advance to ensure that the completed questionnaire is returned before the University deadline.

Health screening requirements

Students entering courses for clinical, teaching and caring professions are at risk of exposure to blood borne viruses and/or infectious diseases during placements. In order to protect both yourself and members of the public you are required to fulfil the following screening requirements for your course.

Health screening vaccination requirements
Hepatitis B C C       A**
Measles, Mumps, Rubella C C     A A
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio C C C C A A
Varicella (Chicken Pox) C C     A A
Influenza A A        

C = Course Requirement.
A = Advised.
* = Carried out pre-course at Spire Hospital.
** = Risk based

Health screening blood test requirements
Blood testsMedicineDentistryVeterinaryVeterinary nursePGCESocial work
Hepatitis B C C*        
Hepatitis C C C*        
HIV C C*        

C = Course Requirement.
A = Advised.
* = Carried out pre-course at Spire Hospital.
** = Risk based

The information for your screening will be carried out by an Occupational Health Advisor, initially from your completed pre-course health questionnaire. This will provide vital information confirmed by your GP on your current immunisation status.

All medical and dental students are given an occupational health appointment during their first year to complete any courses of immunisations or carry out any outstanding blood tests. Veterinary science students will be called for an appointment for a BCG vaccination during their first year if not already vaccinated.

Please contact the University Occupational Health Service if you have any queries about screening requirements for your course.

Recommended immunisations

Frequently asked questions and immunisation information