Occupational health services for student electives

Using our services to prepare for your elective

The Occupational Health Service will help you prepare for your elective by certifying occupational vaccination records and carrying out blood tests to meet the health clearance requirements for your host hospital.

Obtaining occupational health clearance for your elective may require you to attend clinics for immunisations or additional tests. Therefore, it is imperative that you provide all required information to us at least three months before you intend to leave.

As we cannot fast track applications, it is your responsibility to:

  • ensure that you attend any appointments and collect any test results;
  • allow enough time (at least three months) for this process.

You will usually be given a medical elective health form by the host organisation.

Elective health form - you must provide this information at least three months before travel

  1. Complete as much of your medical elective health form as possible. Refer to your occupational immunisation record which was given to you at the end of your first year. If you are unable to locate your occupational health immunisation record, we do keep records for each student which you can requst. However, this may slow down the clearance process at busy times.
  2. Bring your form to us together with any other information about specific clearance requirements sent by the host hospital for review and certification. We will contact you within five working days to collect your completed form. Alternatively, we may have to arrange an appointment if additional tests are necessary.
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure that you attend any appointments and for collecting any test results.

Tests that might be required

HIV post-exposure prophylaxis - emergency treatment packs

If your elective placement is in a country where there is a high incidence of HIV, then HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) may be indicated. You will receive information and advice from Faculty regarding assessing your need for PEP. If necessary the Occupational Health Service can then provide you with a private prescription following attendance on an information/assessment session.

The medication can then be obtained from Southmead Hospital Pharmacy at a cost of approximately £150.00 to yourself.

Travel health advice

You will need to arrange any routine travel immunisations with your GP or travel health provider of your choice allowing sufficient time for the completion of immunisation schedules. You may also require anti-malarial medication for the time you are abroad. These are available over the counter or on private prescription. You will be expected to pay for all costs related to your travel health requirements.