Czech and Slovak Undergraduate Programmes in the UK

You can currently study Czech to degree level in the UK at Bristol, Glasgow, Oxford, Sheffield and UCL. Slovak is only available independently to degree level at UCL, but is taught as a core or optional component of Czech programmes at Bristol, Oxford and UCL.

  • Czech and Slovak are most commonly available in Joint Honours combinations.
  • In all cases, the languages are taught from scratch by specialist tutors, with tailored arrangements made where necessary for those with significant previous knowledge of the language.
  • In addition, students are offered a range of optional modules, typically in areas including literature, cinema, linguistics, history and contemporary society.
  • Students following other degree programmes at these universities may be able to take optional modules in Czech or Slovak language. 

For further information, please follow the links and contact details below:

Contact: Dr Rajendra Chitnis ( or Ms Jana Nahodilová (

Contact: Dr Jan Čulík ( or Dr Mirna Solic (

Contact: Dr Zuzana Říhová (

Contact: Professor Neil Bermel ( or Mr Luděk Knittl (

Contact: Dr Peter Zusi (

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