Terms of Reference


To provide a supportive environment for peer networking and professional development. 

To facilitate engagement and communication between the University’s senior managers and its principal resource managers in faculties and schools.

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  1. To facilitate the dissemination of information regarding key University initiatives to resource managers;
  2. To provide a forum for effective dialogue between University leaders and resource managers;
  3. To contribute to the development, monitoring and review of University policies and operational plans including training plans;
  4. To respond to requests for information from the resource manager community and supply representatives to serve on University committees or working groups;
  5. To facilitate a co-ordinated escalation of  concerns or opinions from resource managers to University leaders;
  6. To provide a networking forum for resource managers in faculties and schools including mentoring and induction of resource managers;
  7. To facilitate the development of best practice and professional development for resource managers;
  8. To establish working groups in response to issues affecting resource managers.

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Role Period of tenure
Faculty Managers Ex officio
School Managers Ex officio
Technical Managers Ex officio
Faculty Education Managers Ex officio
Two representatives each from: Process owners to nominate representatives. Representation to be reviewed ~ every 2 years
Estates Normally 2 academic years
Finance Normally 2 academic years
Information Services Normally 2 academic years
HR and Staff Development Normally 2 academic years
Co-opted members Open

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The group will usually meet 4 times per year for half or whole away days.

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The Resource Managers Group does not have a fixed budget to meet the cost of its activities. However, the University is supportive of the developmental role of the group and may agree annually to support staff development activities for the forthcoming year. In addition each Faculty sets aside a contribution from its own annual budget to support the work of the Group.

Administrative support for the RMG website and Away Day bookings is provided by Staff Development.

Other administrative support is provided by an Executive Assistant (0.2FTE), funded by contributions from each faculty.


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Appendix A


Role Name
Faculty Managers All current FMs
School Managers All current SMs
Technical Managers All current TMs
Faculty Education Managers All current FEMs
2 x representatives from:
Estates Paul Smith, Head of Facilities Management



Rich Aitken, Faculty Financial Controller





HR and Staff Development

Kemi Oladapo, Staff Development Manager

Alison Wall, Personnel Manager

Co-opted members Tony McDonald
Administrative support is currently provided by John Newby, School of Physics.

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