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Diamond insights 30 March 2015 Diamonds are one of the world’s major natural resources, accounting for billions of revenue for the mining industry every year. When industry joined forces with science their full financial and technical potential was realised.

About our impact stories

Research at the University of Bristol contributes to the University's international reputation, it informs our teaching and it is the basis of our economic and societal role in the region and of our collaborations across the world.

The stories here celebrate the range and depth of this research undertaken at the University and how it impacts on society, on a local, national and international level.

These stories reflect our sustained and evolving research activity, focusing on key projects that are currently active or have recently been completed from each of the University .

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Our public engagement stories delve further into how academic staff around the University are using their research and teaching practices to engage directly with and inspire members of the public.

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