Eyetrain iPad app

Eyetrain is an eye training iPad game for children with visual field loss and eye movement issues.

University of Bristol vision researchers Professor Iain Gilchrist and Dr. Cathy Williams approached Research IT for assistance in developing a potential eye control therapy for children with visual field loss and eye movement issues. Research IT developer, Dr. Kieren Pitts, worked with the research team and artist/illustrator Alex Lucas to create the app which is now being investigated for suitability as a therapeutic tool.

To play the game the child must focus on animals as they move around a scene and tap the screen when they detect a change in the animal (e.g. a flick of the ears).

The app can be configured to suit the needs of individual children and also tracks data on how well the child is performing in the game. The data can then be downloaded by the research team and used to assess how well the child performed alongside clinical assessments.

The app was developed in Unity, a popular games engine that can be used to create 2D and 3D games/apps as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality projects.

The research team has made a video of the game being played.

Dr. Rosie Clark, a research associate in the School of Social and Community Medicine, is currently investigating the efficacy of this app as a therapeutic tool to improve oculomotor control in children.

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