Licensing opportunities

The University is keen to promote technology transfer by licensing IP to third parties. We have several technologies which are currently available for licensing. For some licences the University's Essential Medicines Statement (PDF, 78kB) may be applicable. Please select a category below:

The opportunities listed below are very recent developments which require further technical and business development. Typically, work is continuing in the laboratory to refine the technology or demonstrate the effectiveness of the invention for commercialisation. We are very interested in talking to potential partners to discuss the current state of the work with the respective research teams. In most cases we have filed a provisional patent application and are able to discuss details without an NDA.

Composites 1909 Aligned Short Fibre Composites
Photonics 1820 On-chip Single Photon Source
890 Human Podocyte cell line
1528 Novel Product for the Alleviation of Symptom 'flare-up' in Chronic Intestinal Disease
1814 Sampling Device




Wireless 1736
Composites 1871
Composites 1537
Coomposites 2332
Electrical 2441 Zero Power Always Awake Signal Monitor
Photonics 1796
Physics 1656
Chemistry 1976
Radiotherapy 1529 Real-time dosimetry system for real-time verification of modulated radiotherapy treatments

Some of Bristol's software and copyright materials are available through ready-to-sign licences. These licences have standard terms and conditions, making the licensing rapid and cost effective for companies or individual licensees. We are happy to consider alternative licensing arrangements but please note that the costs of bespoke licences may be passed on to the licensee.

Software and copyright material for licensing

Each of the following links will take you to the relevant software/copyright licensing page where you will find a brief description of the material and an appropriate standard licence. To obtain access to the material, please download the licence, sign 2 copies and post them to the Intellectual Property Administrator in RED. We will then return countersigned original to you, send you an invoice for the license fee and make the software/copyright available to you.

The level of support and maintenance available for each software package will be listed in the individual licence.

Extending or renewing existing licences

If you would like to increase the number of authorised users for an existing software package, extend the licence to a different field or territory or renew an existing licence, please contact Meg Joyce at

Alternative licensing arrangements

If the standard licence for any particular software or copyright material does not meet your needs, please contact Meg Joyce at to discuss alternative arrangements.

If you would like further information about any of the technologies listed, or you would like to discuss further licensing opportunities, please contact our Research Commercialisation team.