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Research and Enterprise Development (RED) is committed to building new relationships with prospective external partners and enhancing links with current partners, including:


In a complex world, the skills and knowledge of the academic community play a major part helping to unravel and understand key issues and challenges facing different communities.

The economy and society benefit as the insights that arise within our community become policy and practice, products and services improving people’s lives.

Businesses, small, medium and large, are essential links in the chain and, the relationship between industry and academia is increasingly vital, energetic, involving a daily interchange of people, ideas and knowledge.


Prospective partners

We want you to become part of this: Get in touch with our Business Account Manager (Frances Frith), find out about our SETsquared Business incubator or get support for international businesses.

Current partners

Let's do more: From collaborative industrial funding schemes, to secondment opportunities to/from the University and proof-of-concept development.


If you can't see what you need or have a more general enquiry about how the University can help you in your business, then please contact Frances Frith, Andrew Wray, Lucy Stephens or Nikki Hicks in RED's Commercialisation and Impact Development team.

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EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account 2015-2017

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) UK have extended their national Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) scheme with a further £30m for the period October 2015 to March 2017. The University of Bristol has been awarded £1.46m to support these impact objectives:

Bristol’s competitive EPSRC IAA Awards are opportunities for researchers and companies to further these objectives.

We have four schemes, outlined below, as well as the Impact Travel awards which are available through the Faculties of Science and Engineering. The schemes are open to all disciplines across the University where researchers have prior EPSRC funding through a grant or doctorate. For more details see the Application Guidelines and relevant application form.

Schemes -

Knowledge Transfer Secondment awards

Up to £50k for secondments to/from the University, part-time or full-time for any researcher, academic or industry collaborator.

- Knowledge Transfer Secondment application form

Proof of Principle awards

Up to £15k for projects that develop the commercial potential of research, exploring markets and potential partners/investors, developing prototypes, and taking the first steps in generating research impact.

- Proof of Principle application form

Commercialisation awards 

Up to £70k for projects with a clear commercial opportunity and a route to market. These awards are to develop specific commercial opportunities, enabling partners and investors to advance the Technology Readiness Level of research. These proposals must be development with the University's Research Commercialisation team.

- Commercialisation application form

Public Engagement awards

(Details will be available shortly). 

Faculty Impact Travel awards

Up to £500 for travel and workshops that further impact in the Faculties of Science and Engineering. These are managed by the Faculty Research Directors. Please contact Prof Paul Wilcox (Queens School) or Prof Mark Beach (Merchant Venturers School) for the Faculty of Engineering, or Prof Chris Jarrold, Faculty of Science, as appropriate.


For more information on the EPSRC IAA or to make an enquiry, please contact Andrew Wray or Lucy Stephens in Research and Enterprise Development (RED). 

You may also find it helpful to see the University's previous and current EPSRC IAA projects, or our Research Impact Stories (some of them directly related to EPSRC research) or University News items.