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Responding to public concerns

Dr Kate Robson Brown

Dem bones, dem bones....

23 November 2010

Developing public confidence around the storage of human remains through the Human Tissue Authority.

David Clarke introduces panel discussion

Building a resilient future

23 November 2010

The launch of the Cabot Institute, a new multidisciplinary research body that will tackle some of the major issues threatening the world today, opens up opportunities for partnership.

Dr Pauline Emmett

Media darling

18 November 2010

Building a good relationship with the media is an effective way to communicate your research to a broad audience... and gets them coming back for more.

Wind powered car

Team Bristol blows up a storm

15 November 2010

An international competition focuses teaching and learning for the Faculty of Engineering.

Picture of Ronald Hutton

Druids and daggers

11 October 2010

Public life benefits from historical expertise in unexpected ways.

Society of Italian Studies

Setting the agenda for modern languages

16 September 2010

Having a member of staff elected as president of their discipline’s learned society is a coup for any University, but having two on the books is rather special.

John Pickard

Songs of Rain and Sea

7 September 2010

A new collaboration celebrating the 50th anniversary of a famous children’s music group opens up new opportunities for research and collaboration.

Portrait of Professor Lightman

Building a focal point

13 June 2010

Establishing a medical foundation provides an important point of contact for patients and their carers

People at event

Synthetic Biology: hope and hype

16 December 2009

Inviting public input into an emerging area of science.

Professor Elaine Kempson

Finance for all

12 November 2009

Communicating the results of social research to the right players in the policy arena is key to addressing the needs of vulnerable groups.