About the project

One in four women in the UK experience abuse from a partner or ex-partner at some time in their lives, they are often isolated and find it difficult to access help or support, thereby remaining at risk. Whilst much is known about the prevalence of domestic violence and abuse and its health consequences, there are important gaps in the evidence about women’s experience of domestic violence and abuse, the barriers, problems and outcomes of help-seeking.

Qualitative studies carried out within the UK are lacking. Further research is also needed into setting up education and training of health professionals to understand and detect domestic violence and abuse and refer women for support. Despite Department of Health guidance clinicians often do not ask about abuse nor respond appropriately to disclosure, indicating a need for improved education and training. Women have difficulty in finding both formal and informal support and the healthtalk website will enable them to witness the stories of others. This may empower them by suggesting options for better self-care and protection from further abuse and may trigger help-seeking. Women who are weighing up the costs of leaving or staying with the perpetrator, will be able to learn from other women's experiences.

The proposed web-based module for survivors of domestic violence and abuse will also provide information about domestic violence and abuse services, links to an online forum for peer support and to other national websites that can help survivors 

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