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Why do we involve the public in our research?

To ensure research is carried out in the best way possible  

When we do research, we involve a group of experts such as statisticians, systematic reviewers, qualitative researchers and health economists. Members of the public are experts in their field, for example as patients, carers, parents, or service users. We therefore involve the public to help us define research questions, and plan, shape and monitor our research. They can also help us disseminate our findings.

Members of the public are invaluable to our research teams. They make our research richer, more relevant, easier to conduct and highly translatable. 

To meet funding requirements

Because of the benefits of involving the public in research, funding bodies now require researchers to describe how they will involve patients and the public throughout the course of a research project.

How the CAPC Public and Patient Involvement & Engagement co-ordinator can help

There are a number of ways in which the CAPC Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement (PPI&E) co-ordinator can help. For example, you may need help with:

  • working out the best way PPI&E can benefit your research;
  • more specific plans regarding when and how PPI&E could be carried out;
  • costing PPI&E;
  • writing the PPI&E section for your grant application;
  • advertising and recruiting PPI&E members;
  • co-ordinating your PPI&E group.

There are two levels of support that the PPI&E co-ordinator can provide:

  • an advisory role - the co-ordinator will advise on any of the above PPI&E tasks. This may be appropriate for smaller grants and fellowships where there will be insufficient funds available to pay for the co-ordinator's time.
  • an active role - the co-ordinator will carry out any of the above. This requires the time of the co-ordinator to be costed in to your grant.

Contact the CAPC PPI&E co-ordinator. 

PPI&E resources for researchers

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