There are 664 million people in the world without safe water and 2.4 billion without a toilet. UK Water Charity FRANK Water aims to alleviate global water poverty, enhance health and protect the natural environment by improving the way that people understand and use water to encourage global water security.

Since 2005, FRANK Water has provided safe water, sanitation and hygiene training (WASH) to more than 386,000 people in 440 villages across India and Nepal.  FRANK Water’s work contributes towards Sustainable Development Goal 6 - providing access to safe water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Bristol Poverty Institute (BPI) and FRANK Water have worked together for a number of years, supporting each other to define poverty and its contributing factors and possible solutions in relation to water, sanitation and hygiene. Most recently representatives from FRANK Water participated in a BPI interdisciplinary seminar on ‘Water and Poverty’ in May 2019, and we are both looking forward to continuing to grow and develop our collaborative relationship. The Bristol Poverty Institute also sources bottles of FRANK Water’s still and sparkling water for our events, to help further support this valuable initiative.

Visit to find out more about FRANK Water and their valuable work.

                          BPI Collaborator Frank Water

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