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The Bristol Medical School is able to sell single-user perpetual licenses for Intercooled Stata 14 as part of the Stata "GradPlan" scheme. These are available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 only. We are not able to sell licenses for any other version of Stata or for any other platform, e.g. Apple Mac.

If you are requiring Stata for a University owned machine then please contact the IT Service Desk to purchase your license as this will be cheaper. The GradPlan scheme is for personally owned machines or for external visitors attending one of the School's Stata courses.

The cost of a single-user licence for any of these platforms is £180.00 incl VAT. This is a one-off payment.

(NB. School staff/postgraduates should be able to buy the license for £150.00 due to VAT exemption.)

Note that there is a maximum of THREE licenses per order.


If you would like to purchase a license please:

1. Complete the Stata GradPlan order form (PDF, 71kB). (PDF)

2. Send the order form and payment to "Sharen Hockey-OKeefe, Bristol Medical School, Canynge Hall, 39 Whatley Road, Bristol, BS8 2PS".

Please make cheques payable to "University of Bristol". Alternatively, an inter-departmental transfer can be made from a Bristol University account to the "Stata Gradplan Account". Please send a complete transfer form with the order form.


  • To use Stata you will have to  obtain the activation codes and passwords. Sharen O`Keefe will send these to you. Follow this link to download the programme.
  • Once Stata is activated you need to check for updates. Enter the following in the Stata Command window:

 update all

Stata will automatically download and install any updates. If the main Stata executable file needs updating you will be prompted to enter a second command:

update swap

It is worth running the above command(s) every month or so as updates are continually released.

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